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A Local Display For A Level Sensor (or 10)

Tethering your level or pressure display makes for more convenient readingWe prefer to keep our articles informative rather than promotional. We like to teach about level and pressure measurement principles and the surrounding issues that our customers often have to tackle. But today, we really want to show you something rather cool.

The tethered gauge display – for level or pressure sensors.

What do we mean by tethered? We mean there is simply a cable between the sensing element and the display. You can do it for pressure gauges to make reading them more convenient, and to isolate the electronics from vibration, shock, and heat.

You can also do it for level measurements – kind of like a digital level stick.

A direct example of a digital level stick is mating our display to our PT-500 submersible pressure transducer. Simply lower the submersible to the bottom of your tank or pit, and get an instant and accurate level measurement.

When mated with our PT-400, you can pull a pressure (PSI rather than FT H2O) measurement on any tank, pipe, pump, fixture, or vessel. Put two of these together and you have a simple way to get an electronic differential pressure reading – completely necessary for valves, filters, and pumps.

The PT-400 is also a great way to pull a tank level on a pressurized tank or vessel. Installing one (with its tethered displays) at the top and one at the bottom would give you the same effect as a traditional DP transducer would, but without the drift from installing capillary tubes – and at a competitive price.

Adding the display to these sensors makes a lot of sense. You can mount it as far or as close to the sensor as needed, monitoring up to 10 sensors at once (via daisy chain wiring). It makes stand alone level gauges efficient and low cost, and it makes local measurement on a control system a breeze.

Ask us about tethering our flexible display to one of our sensors – pressure or level. It’s a handy solution that makes it less expensive and easier to use.

Need more out of your displays? We've made something inexpensive, unique, and very flexible! Check out our MND modbus display below:

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