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Tethering Digital Pressure Gauge Display

Tethering your digital pressure gauge display to your digital pressure gauge sensor makes a lot of senseAs much as we don’t like to admit it, using a digital pressure gauge doesn’t always make a lot of sense in certain places. Let’s face it; you often need pressure gauges in locations that are impossible to see without stooping or peeking behind pipes.

The common alternative is to use a pressure transducer (without a display) and purchase a separate display. There is nothing wrong with this solution – other than the fact it can be done in a less expensive way. How? With a digital pressure gauge from our PG series, of course!

Hoping to save money, some of our customers came to us years ago and requested we tether our digital pressure gauge displays to their sensors with a cable – instead of mounting them directly on the sensor. This way, they could mount the digital display in a convenient location for the cost of a single gauge. It was an easy modification that has helped many since then.

A Tethered Digital Pressure Gauge In Real Life

For the sake of real world examples, let us tell you about a local municipality’s use of a tethered digital pressure gauge:

The City of Logan (our home town) wanted to put some digital pressure gauges on their lift station pumps. They chose our PG10 for enhanced readability and all the digital gauge functionality goodness. However, they just didn’t want to have to open the door to the pump house just to check the gauges.

So, they decided to mount the PG10 displays on the door.

This was possible because the display on the PG10 digital pressure gauge was tethered with a cable. Easy as pie.

A Common Configuration

There are a few options when you tether a digital pressure gauge display. The question is always how the cable will be connected. So here’s the skinny on your cable connection options:

  • The cable can be hard-wired on both ends – to both the display and the transducer
  • The cable can be hard-wired on one end – either to the display or to the transducer – and use a connector on the other end.

We have found that a cable hard-wired to the display, with a connector on the transducer. This makes installing the digital pressure gauge transducer easy (e.g. no length of cable getting twisted while you screw the threads together), and it makes threading the wire easier once the display is mounted.

So How Does This Save Money?

A digital pressure gauge with a tethered display saves money simply because it costs less than purchasing a pressure transducer and a digital display separately. It’s common for our customers to save in excess of $100.

What About Electrical Noise And Long Distances?

The output on a digital pressure gauge (from the transducer to the display) is an unamplified mV/V signal. Therefore, it is susceptible to electrical interference. It is also incapable of traveling long distances.

At this point, a digital pressure gauge is simple not going to work. However, we simply trade out the gauge transducer with a pressure transmitter with a Modbus output. Our digital display works with either one. The Modbus signal is much stronger and versatile.

The best part? This is still less expensive than a comparable transducer/display pair bought separately.

So What’s Next?

Next time you need a display for a pressure transducer or digital pressure gauge in a more accessible place, keep in mind that our tether option will save you some dough (a.k.a. scratch, coin, greenbacks). Contact us and we’ll chat!

Ready to learn more about digital pressure gauges? You can do it! Check out our awesome digital pressure gauges below:

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