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From the Lab: Auto Pilot for Ultrasonics

IRU ultrasonic sensors from APG are field programmableWith ultrasonic sensors, the most reliable distance readings are obtained when unwanted echoes are reduced or eliminated. This is done when the sensor is set to the minimum power and sensitivities needed to accurately read a target.

APG’s IRU ultrasonic sensor series has an Autosense feature that will give the best results for steady and slow moving targets.

Autosense automatically adjusts the Blanking, Sensitivity and Pulse parameters to their minimum, optimum settings based upon the signal strength of the return echo.

To set up the Autosense feature in the IRU series of sensors, do the following steps:

Step 1: Connect the RST-3001 module to the sensor and your computer. Open the IRU software.

Step 2: After communication has been established, enter “1” in the window marked “Gain Control”.

Step 3: Click on the “Send” tab.  This will send the new parameter to the sensor.

With Autosense enabled the ultrasonic sensor will constantly self adjust its power and sensitivity settings to give the best possible readings for an accurate level measurement.

Please note the Autosense feature requires more time for signal processing and is therefore not recommended for fast moving targets.

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