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Bulk Liquid Thefts On The Rise

Securing bulk liquids is vitalCommodity theft isn’t exactly breaking news. After all, thieves have been stealing since the dawn of time, and commodities like copper, fuel, and even lead have been popular targets.

Lately, however, bulk liquids such as used cooking oil and anhydrous ammonia have become popular. Why? Well, for a few reasons. Waste oils, both cooking and motor oil, are now sold for profit, with an entire industry created to filter and refine the oils into bio-fuel and base oils.

Chemicals are not only valuable in their own right, but are sometimes used in the manufacture of illegal drugs – as is the case with anhydrous ammonia.

No matter the reason why, bulk liquids are often easy targets. Few have the proper technology in place to stop the thieves, even though many companies are loosing millions per year in theft alone. Our remote monitoring system is a key part of theft prevention and tracking. Not only does it provide the data, it can set off alarms and initiate security cameras as well.

Processing magazine recently published an article on this very topic. You can check it out here.

Let us know if you’ve been struggling with theft of your bulk liquids. We’re happy to help out!

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