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Can A Remote Level Sensor Help Us Harness Mother Nature?

Remote level sensors play a critical role in monitoring river levels around the worldIt’s hard to imagine a less predictable and more dynamic environment than nature. However, as unyielding as it is, we continue to develop ways to harness, and be prepared for, natural phenomena. One of the ways you can do it is to put a level sensor on everything from roaring rivers to irrigation canals, from great lakes to small ponds.

This is most common at manmade structures meant to control natural water resources for things like power generation and irrigation. Traditionally, these level sensors will capture data in a local data logger, or may drive a localized control system for opening and closing valves. In most cases, these structures are not manned regularly.

Managing these remote locations has always been either difficult, expensive, or both. To keep an eye on data, you really only have two options: send someone out, or setup remote water level monitoring. Both have traditionally been costly – but while having your engineers and technicians on the road gets more expensive, using a remote level sensor has become much more affordable.

Remote Level Sensors Make Sense

While remote communications were once incredibly expensive – relying almost entirely on proprietary satellite and cellular networks – it is now less expensive than it has ever been thanks to the Internet. You can now connect a remote level sensor to the Internet for a few dollars a month.

River monitoring is a perfect scenario for remote level sensorsOne simple application example is to measure the height of tail water remotely. In this instance tail water refers to the river of water immediately downstream from a dam.

Mount a basic ultrasonic sensor with a 25 ft. range over the river, hook up a solar panel and a battery, add an Internet connection (either a landline, cellular modem, Ethernet radio, etc.) and you have the perfect remote level sensor platform.

Using the Internet not only speeds up data transmission, but it drastically reduces cost as well. Your personnel can do more remote monitoring and much less driving, and you can avoid the cost of a direct satellite or cellular connection.

With a remote level sensor, you can get real-time level data and record it anywhere you can connect to the Internet – via a computer, phone or tablet. In a nutshell this means you can have real time water level data anytime, anyplace in the world.

Tank Cloud Brings It Together

Tank Cloud completes the picture with the right remote level sensors and a purpose built website to view the remote level data. You can program and monitor remote level sensors from the comfort of your desk. You can also receive remote alarms to notify you via email or text message (SMS).

Remote level sensors are an important addition to the army of weather, geologic, and oceanic sensors we have out there in the big brave world. Water is something you want just enough of. Too much or too little can cause a lot of damage. Managing this resource is one of the most important capabilities we have.

If you're wondering how you can leverage remote level sensors to cut your costs and improve life, let's talk. We can help you understand what it will take to get you rolling, and where it will make the biggest impact.

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