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From the Lab: Digital Gauge Remote Display

Digital gauges can have a remote display, with a cable separating the transducerA slight customization we did for a customer quite a while ago has become more popular recently: putting a cable between the actual pressure transducer and the digital display on a digital pressure gauge. This is handy for a few reasons:


If the pressure port that you’re tapping into is in a difficult location, it’s nice to have the display separate from the transducer. The transducer by itself can fit into smaller spaces, and a remote display can be held in your hand or mounted to a panel for optimal visibility.


If you need a handheld tool for monitoring pressure at many different locations, or on many different widgets, then the mobility of a digital gauge makes a lot of sense. And the cable offers versatility for reaching into tight spaces.

Local Display

If you need a local display for your pressure transducer, a remote display on one of our digital gauges is cost effective and convenient. Many purchase a panel meter and tap into pressure transducers on a loop. Our PG7 offers all the capabilities of most panel meters, including relay outputs.

Unfavorable Conditions

If the point of measurement is unsuitable for the electronics inside the digital gauge housing, extending it away from the transducer is a good idea. The best example of this is temperature. The pressure transducer can handle much higher heat than the gauge electronics.

So with a remote display on a digital gauge, you get the best of both worlds: the mobility of a gauge, and the tolerances of a small pressure transducer.

If you would like more information on a digital pressure gauge with a remote display, contact our sales team at, or via the phone at 888-525-7300.

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