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Do You Need A Vacuum Pressure Transducer?

Measuring a negative pressure, or a vacuum, is needed in many manufacturing facilities and industrial labs. Vacuums are used in packaging, manufacturing, processing, and testing. If you need to measure and/or control vacuum pressure, you must buy a transducer with the vacuum pressure type.

How It Works

Vacuum pressure transducers and gauges measure movement in the opposite direction than the other pressure types. Instead of going concave as pressure is applied, it turns convex (i.e. it bubbles out). This allows it to measure negative pressure.

The sensing elements are vented to the atmosphere, and are therefore unaffected by the weather. In other words, its reference point is ambient pressure, rather than a sealed chamber or absolute zero.

It is important to note that the maximum possible full scale range of vacuum pressure is limited to -14.7 psi. Frequently these are sold in 15 psi ranges with the understanding of their limitation.  Only vacuum pressure is limited in range by definition.

When To Use It

The answer to this is quite straightforward. Simply ask yourself if you need to measure a vacuum, or negative pressure – and only negative pressure (see How Compound Pressure Works).

To give you a broader view, vacuum pressure measurement is often required in sealing processes, packaging, pump testing and maintenance, laboratory environments, and healthcare.

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