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Have You Seen The Hammer Throw?


We've gone to great lengths to test our hammer union pressure sensor, including throwing it off the roof of our manufacturing facility. In the process, we may have ruined Elden's pitching arm (no more MLB dreams for him), but we also built a sensor tough to enough to handle even the most demanding applications.


Video Transcript

Elden: When these oil rigs get taken down, they take them down quick. And they’re not real tender with some of the equipment.

So to replicate some of the extreme situations that we became aware of, we actually took our hammer union [pressure transducer] up on the roof – it’s about a 30 ft. distance – and threw it down into a docking bay multiple times.

The first couple of times we did it, we had failures. We kept redesigning, making it a little bit more robust, until it didn’t break anymore.

Ready to learn more about the most thoughtfully designed hammer union pressure transducer? Check it out below:

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