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How-To Program the LPU-2428 for Level Measurement


Programming the LPU-2428 ultrasonic level sensor is simple and easy. However, when looking at the user manual, it can seem a bit intimidating. This video shows you just how easy it really is, without having to result to the user manual (though we still recommend it).


Video Transcript

Narrator: You’re watching APGTV. I’m Shaw Merrill, and today we’re going to show you how to program your LPU-2428 ultrasonic sensor to measure level using the LPU-2428 programming software.

Step 1: To begin programming the LPU-2428 click on the basic set up button on the left of the screen.

Step 2: First, select the units to be displayed on the right. In this example we’ll select feet.

Step 3: Next, set the application to level.

Step 4: Press the send button near the bottom of the screen to send these settings to the sensor. Wait until the progress bar completes to continue to the next step.

Step 5: Now we’re ready to set up the parameters. Click the application set up button on the left menu.

Step 6: Now determine the full distance, or the distance from the sensor face to the closest target being detected, and enter this number into the space.

Remember the sensor has a 1-foot blanking distance.

Step 7: Next, enter the empty distance, also referred to as the zero distance, or the distance from the sensor face to the farthest target being detected.

These settings tell the sensor the dimensions for a level reading.

Step 8: Now click the 4-20 set up button on the left menu and enter your minimum milliamp set point, this is the 4mA setting, and the maximum milliamp set point, the 20mA setting.

These can be the same as the full and empty distances, or they may be different – depending on how you want to use the output.

Step 9: Press the send button to save these settings, and wait for the progress bar to complete.

Your sensor is now set up and ready to go! The remaining advanced features in the programming software will default to automatic settings. To change these settings, please refer to the LPU-2428 user manual programming section.

Thanks for watching our quick LPU-2428 programming demo. If you have any questions, give us a call at 888-525-7300, or send us an email to Until next time, I’m Shaw Merrill, APGTV.

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