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How To Re-Zero A Submersible Pressure Transducer


Every now and then, a pressure transmitter just needs to be re-zeroed - especially if it's a sealed unit. But on most submersible pressure transducers, this isn't an option. Not true for the PT-500 from APG. We've given you a way to re-zero your sensor quickly and easily with a simple magnet. Check it out!


Video Transcript

Narrator: Our PT-500 submersible pressure transducer is the only one on the market with a field-adjustable zero. This let’s you correct your sensor as it naturally drifts over time. We’re going to show you how this is done.

We have a small tank with 20 inches of water. At this depth, our output should read 5 milliamps. But, you’ll notice our sensor is incorrect.

So we’ll simply:

  • Pull our sensor out of the tank
  • And use our magnet to adjust the zero back to 4 milliamps.
  • If you hold the magnet near the middle of the sensor, it moves the zero up.
  • If you hold the magnet near the bottom of the sensor, it moves the zero down.
  • Once your sensor is properly adjusted, lower it back in the tank.

All finished! It’s quick, it’s easy, and you’ll only find it on the PT-500 submersible pressure sensor from APG.

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