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Application Alert: Hydraulic Load Positioning

Del Mar Avionics hydraulic lift is used here to mate/de-mate a NASA shuttleDel Mar Avionics designs and builds precision mating equipment for very large, very sensitive, and very expensive loads. They use an APG pressure transducer and our digital display to control a unique hydraulic lift.

Their hydraulic lift is placed between the crane hook and the load, lifting anything from space shuttles to nuclear reactor components. The lift is used to move the load up and down only a couple of feet, and measures the movement of the load within 0.025mm. This allows installation crews to very precisely place sensitive loads.

Our pressure transducer is installed inside the hydraulics to measure the change, and our digital display communicates that to the operator. The lift is controlled remotely with a wireless consol.

Monitoring pressure in hydraulic systems is an important part of good control. Our pressure transducers and digital pressure gauges are well suited for both end-user and OEM applications. Contact us if you have any questions about our transducers and gauges, or if you have a similar application in mind.

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