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Cable Float Switch

Series: FT-100 / FT-300

Inexpensive Repeatability

This traditional float switch is inexpensive, effective, and ideal for simple alarm applications.


Inexpensive Float Switch
FT-100 and FT-300 Series cable float switches give value with high quality at a low cost. If budget is your primary concern, an FT-100 or FT-300 can give you effective single point alarming and control with a small price tag.

Consistent Performance
These water level sensors are built with consistency in mind. They trigger immediately above or below horizontal, for a highly repeatable performance that you can count on.

Multiple Switching Options
The FT-100 can be purchased as NO, NC, or SPDT switch connection. The FT-300 is available as NO or NC.

Datasheets & Downloads

FT-100 / FT-300 Datasheet
FT-100 / FT-300 User Manual

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