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Waste Water Pond

Waste Water Pond

The Water and Wastewater industry provides many opportunities for liquid level measurement. (It helps that there is so much water to keep track of.) Opportunities can turn into challenges, though, if the measurement technology chosen can’t meet the demands of the job. No matter what the demands may be, APG’s new Series PRL True Echo™ Pulse Radar Level Transmitter For Liquids is up to the challenge.

Yes, that’s a big statement, but we can back it up. Let’s look at just three reasons the PRL excels in water and wastewater measurement.

Narrow Beam Spread

The first advantage the PRL gives you is its narrow beam spread. For the Teflon rod, the beam spread is 6° from center, for a 12° total angle. Smaller beam spread means the PRL can be mounted closer to the sides of tanks with less fear of interference, which means more reliable measurements and more peace of mind. At 50 feet, the maximum range of the PRL-050, that translates to a target circle with a 10.5-foot diameter. The beam spread for sensors with the 6” diameter stainless steel horn is 3°.

Durable Housing

True Echo PRL Pulse Radar Level Transmitter for Liquids with Teflon rodThe second reason is the durable protection housing for the PRL provides in all kinds of environments. Whether stainless steel or aluminum, the housing is rated IP68 and NEMA 6 for worry-free use indoors or outdoors. The operating temperature range of the enclosure is -40° - 140° F, so exposure to the elements, including direct sun and blowing snow or rain, won’t affect the operation of the PRL. Hot or cold, wet or dry, the PRL will just keep working.

Easy, Easy, Easy

Finally, Series PRL Radar Level Transmitters are easy, easy, easy. They are easy to install, easy to set up, and easy to use. For ease of installation, it’s hard to beat the options of the PRL: 1.5”, 2”, and 3” NPT and 2” Sanitary Tri-Clamp. And with clearly marked electrical terminals, wiring is a breeze. As far as setup goes, the PRL is push-button configurable for 4-20 mA (level) or 20-4 mA (distance) output, and auto-tuning for optimal signal clarity. Screw it in, wire it up, and turn it on: it works.

When it comes to peace of mind for level measurements in the wide variety of water and wastewater settings, the Series PRL True Echo™ Pulse Radar Level Transmitter For Liquids delivers from start to finish. It’s narrow beam spread provides greater accuracy with less interference, the durable housing protects it in all kinds adverse conditions, and its ease of use is second to none. And that’s before we get to the inherent advantages that radar has over other technologies (sees through mist and foam, signal isn’t affected by atmospheric changes). Indoor or outdoor, tanks, ponds, pools, wells, reservoirs, or lift stations, the reliability of PRL radar level transmitters means less time worrying about level sensors, and more time getting things done.

Still have questions? Drop our Measurement Experts a line today. They will help you analyze your application to find the best measurement and control fit, even if it’s not one we sell.

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