Advantages of Using the FS-400 Vertical Switch

liquid storage tanks in a fieldEverybody is looking for an advantage. Business are constantly trying to get a leg up on their competitors on performance, quality, or reliability (or all three!). And it is often in the small things, the details, where these advantages can be won and lost. Float switches are, by nature, small things, but the right float switch can give you tremendous advantages. Take the FS-400 Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch, for instance. Compared to other float switches, the FS-400 has several advantages. Let’s take a look at three.

Design and Construction

The first advantage the FS-400 offers is its carefully considered design and robust construction. It really is true that not all vertical float switches are built the same. Some have wetted parts that are welded together, others use tape or glue to hold electrical components in place, and still others use only minimal amounts of potting. The FS-400 has none of these. The entire stem is a single piece of machined steel. A high-performance peek plastic sleeve holds the reed switch in place mechanically, and the potting extends from the switch all the way back through the stem. With the FS-400 you get a stem that won’t leak and an actuation point that won’t move.

Specific Gravity of Float

APG's FS-400 Stainless Steel Vertical Float SwitchThe second advantage we’ll look at is the specific gravity of the float. The FS-400 is one of the most-buoyant float switches available, with a specific gravity of 0.6. This makes it a great choice not only for water and water-based solutions, but also for food-grade oils and other liquids with densities less than water. While media compatibility with stainless steel might be an issue for using the FS-400 in some applications, specific gravity probably won’t be.

Wide Temperature Ranges

The third advantage the FS-400 brings to the table is its incredible temperature flexibility. The standard FS-400 is rated for process temperatures from -40° to 383° F (-40° - 195° C). That’s a pretty decent range for a float switch. But wait! There’s more! The FS-400-HT can take on temperatures up to 500° F (260° C). That’s not just pretty decent; that’s closer to a fairly incredible temperature range for a float switch.

All the Advantages in One Float Switch

From beginning to end, the FS-400 Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch was designed with long-lasting, dependable performance in mind. Other float switches might be comparable in terms of construction, or specific gravity, or maybe even operating temperature range. But they aren’t going to match all three. If you have versatile needs, you don’t need a different switch for each application: The FS-400 brings all of these advantages to every application. And that’s one big advantage.

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