APG Monitors Irrigation System | Case Studies

APG’s sensors are used in many application for a variety of industries all over the world. And, our IRU-2423 Ultrasonic Level Sensor does not fall short of that claim. When an agricultural company in the eastern European country of Ukraine needed to monitor water and chemical levels to manage their drip irrigation system, they turned to our ultrasonic sensor for a solution.

APG’s ultrasonic level sensor was used to read the water level in a 2-meter tall tank, as well as chemical levels for fertilizers in a 3-meter tank. These tanks were integrated into the agricultural company’s irrigation drip system. The sensors help monitor the usage of the water and chemicals to ensure crops were receiving the right amount for optimal growth.

The IRU-2423 was chosen due to its 25 ft. range and continuous analog output, which was perfect for the company’s setup.

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