Detection & Profiling with Ultrasonic Sensors

Automatic carwash manufacturers use APG ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors can do more than just measure distance and level. Many are designed to detect the presence of objects that cross their path.

Some manufacturers pass objects underneath an ultrasonic sensor to profile them for an automation system. We’ve worked with anything from automobiles to raw materials on a conveyer belt. In each case, the profile of the object(s) is used to trigger machine responses based on shape. Our sensors can be programmed to watch for objects within a certain distance window, blocking out other objects that could otherwise confuse the system.

If needed, you can also allow one of our sensors to accept objects just outside the distance window, if it shows up consistently. Essentially, there is basic programmable logic that we put into to most of our ultrasonic sensor models to accommodate these kinds of applications with greater needs.

Because ultrasonic sensors continually transmit sound waves, data is transmitted in real-time. Using object detection, multiple sensors can detect objects and determine, for example, the profile of a vehicle and its exact position. Many automatic car wash manufacturers use our ultrasonic sensors to determine where the front and rear of your car is located as well as height and width.

Ultrasonic sensors are not always the answer for presence detection or object profiling. But they fit the bill for specific applications. Contact us to determine if an ultrasonic is right for your application.

What are you using for presence/absence detection or object profiling? Have you ever used an ultrasonic sensor? If so, how has it worked? Let us know.


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