Developing the PT-500 Submersible Pressure Transducer

The PT-500 submersible pressure sensorToday we want to give you a sneak peak into the lab at APG. Our submersible pressure transducer has been around for a while now, but, like many of our sensors, it is under continual improvement. We want to give you a look at some of the decisions we made while developing our submersible.

A New Transducer Face

We switched up the actual transducer technology to MEMs sensing elements. The move did a few things for the sensor. Overall, the transducer is much more stable, and less prone to drift. Additionally, it’s more durable. The sensor’s diaphragm can be handled without damage to the sensor.

Field Adjustable Zero Point

We believe in field adjustability whenever possible. On the PT-500, you can adjust the zero point, or the offset, with a simple magnet provided with the sensor. Currently, it’s the only submersible on the market with this capability.

Re-Usable Cage

A lot of people wonder why our cage is removable. We engineered it this way to save our customers some money. When the day finally comes that the sensor fails, the cage is re-usable on the next sensor. Why buy another cage when you don’t have to? This feature is patented, and the PT-500 is the only submersible designed this way.

Built-In Surge & Lightning Transient Protection

There is a lot to say in the submersible transducer market about lightning transient protection. We took the same electromagnetic surge protection technology that others force you to buy separately, and we put it inside the transducer body. Surge protection units can cost upwards to $300. It’s kind of like an instant rebate.

Automatic Temperature Compensation

A temperature sensor is installed in the transducer face, for automatic compensation. This improves accuracy and consistency across wide temperature shifts.

A Few More Tweaks

Other than the above listed developments, our engineers thought some minor changes could make a big difference. For example, our blue cable was custom designed just for the PT-500, with Kevlar® strands and a ventilation tube. In addition, the ¼” NPT fitting at the top is designed for mounting either on a conduit, or for fitting a coupler for wire suspension.

We also went to the trouble to get a CSA Class 1, Div 1 certification. The PT-500 is safe for operation in heavy sewer gasses, such as methane.

Finally, all of the welds on the PT-500’s 316L SS housing are done with a laser. It is extremely important to us to make sure you end up with a crack and leak-free sensor.

To be honest, the PT-500 submersible pressure transducer is probably a bit over-engineered, and we like it that way. We decided long ago that we would never compromise on quality. Our PT-500 is a great example of that.

Let us know if you have any questions about the PT-500 submersible pressure sensor. We’re happy to consult with you on your application to help you find the right sensor.

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