Difference Between Peak Hold & Tare Pressure Gauges


Peak hold on a digital pressure is a handy functionThe Peak Hold function on a digital pressure gauge, such as the PG7, allows the gauge to continue displaying the “peak” or maximum pressure reading from the time the gauge was powered or since the peak hold function was reset.

This is very useful function in detecting the stresses, burst or destruction pressures during Quality testing of product components and materials in such industries as aerospace and automotive.

When the Peak-Hold feature of the PG7 digital pressure gauge is enabled, a small box containing the words PEAK HOLD will be displayed in the upper left corner of the display.

Enabling the Peak-Hold feature of the PG7 digital pressure gauge requires the following steps.

Step 1: Press the On/Off button to enter the main setup menu.

Step 2: Press (Z) to cycle through the options until P HOLd is displayed.

Step 3: Press (S) to access the Peak-Hold setting options.

Step 4: Press (Z) to toggle between OFF and ON.

Step 5: Press (S) to apply the displayed setting and return to main setup menu.

NOTE: The peak value can be reset by pressing (S) with the Peak-Hold function enabled.

By using the Peak Hold function of the PG7 digital pressure gauge, engineers can get accurate peak pressure readings of product material and assemblies during testing. Based on those results, they will be able to make appropriate design decisions that will enable their company to build the safe airplanes or automobiles.

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