What are the Different Types of Pressure Sensors?

Pressure sensors play a vital role in many industries, from agriculture to automotive. They are used to measure the pressure of liquids and gases in different parts of a system, allowing engineers and technicians to monitor performance and adjust settings. There are several types of pressure sensors available, each suited for different applications.

What is a Pressure Sensor?

A pressure sensor is a device that measures the pressure of a liquid or gas and sends out a proportional signal in response. Pressure sensors are used in many different applications, from monitoring fluid levels in aircraft fuel tanks to controlling temperature-sensitive processes in industrial systems.

PT500 Series: Submersibles

Submersible pressure sensors are designed to measure pressure while submerged in water or other liquid media. They typically come with a waterproof cable and a stainless steel housing, making them ideal for use in pools, ponds, wells, and other aquatic environments. Many submersible pressure sensors feature oil-filled sensing elements that help protect against corrosion and increase accuracy.


The PT-500-P30(Cage option) is engineered to provide unmatched durability and reliability in challenging environments, such as with caustic, turbulent, and dirty liquids. Its exceptional features include:

  • Integrated protection against lightning transience
  • Certified for Class 1, Div. 1/Zone 0 applications
  • Option to choose between a patented re-usable cage or a fixed, welded cage
  • Easily adjustable zero for field usage
  • Designed with conduit mounting threads for convenience
  • Compact and innovative vent tube filter cap to protect against moisture
  • Equipped with a single seal for maximum safety factor


Our standard PT-500 submersible pressure transmitters are exclusively equipped with integrated lightning transience protection, Class 1, Div. 1 certification, and a field-adjustable zero.
Our submersible pressure transducers are not only engineered to exceptionally robust standards of durability and quality, they are also packed with unique features that set them apart:

  • Integrated lightning transience protection
  • Single seal for optimal safety protection factor
  • Field adjustable zero
  • Conduit mounting threads
  • Innovative and compact vent tube filter cap for protection against moisture

PT Series: Pressure Transducers

Pressure transducers are designed to measure relatively small changes in pressure, typically 0-15 PSI or greater. They come with an integrated amplifier and input/output connections that allow them to connect directly to existing systems. Pressure transducers can also be used in hazardous locations where other types of sensors may not be suitable.


The PT-405 is designed to tackle demanding applications, including high pressures, hazardous locations, high vibration, and moisture. It features a single seal for the highest level of safety.


The PT-400 is designed to withstand demanding applications that include high pressures, hazardous environments, substantial vibrations, and moisture.


The PT-300 provides precise and dependable pressure readings across a broad pressure range. Its compact size, integrated electronics, wide operating temperature range, and robustness make it an optimal choice for both static and dynamic pressure measurements, offering an amplified output signal.


The Series PT-200 0.5% Industrial Pressure Transmitters are durable and versatile sensors designed to deliver dependable and precise measurements even in harsh environments. These sensors feature a solid machined sensor fitting made from 17-4 SS, ensuring steady operation in the presence of shock and vibration. PT-200s include digital compensation and temperature correction to guarantee high levels of accuracy and stability.

Hammer Union

Hammer union pressure sensors are mostly used in the oil and gas industry. They feature rugged stainless steel housing that can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, making them ideal for drilling rigs and other harsh environments. Hammer unions can be calibrated on-site when connected to a calibrator(optional accessory).

PG Series: Digital Pressure Gauges

Digital pressure gauges are designed to measure static and dynamic pressures. They come with a digital display that can be read in any orientation, making them ideal for applications where there may be limited visibility.

The Series PG7 Digital Pressure Gauge with 0.25% Accuracy is our most durable gauge, designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. It boasts an extended battery life and a comprehensive range of functions.


Equipped with features such as Tare, Peak Hold, and a comprehensive range of functions, the Series PG5 General Purpose Pressure Gauge is a robust gauge suitable for indoor applications.


The PG2 IP65 Digital Pressure Gauge is designed to measure both gas and liquid pressure accurately, while still being cost-effective. It features a waterproof case and uses 304L stainless steel for the wetted material, ensuring compatibility with various liquids and gases. The gauge also offers user-friendly features and a display that is easy to read.


Featuring a spacious display and a 270┬░ radial bar graph, the Series PG10 IP65 Digital Pressure Gauge with a 5.5" display stands out as our most comprehensive gauge, offering an extended battery life.

There are many types of pressure sensors available depending on the specific application. By carefully selecting the type of pressure sensor that best suits a particular environment, engineers and technicians can ensure accurate readings and reliable operation for years to come.

When choosing a pressure sensor, remember to consider factors such as accuracy, temperature range, and environmental conditions. It's also important to factor in compatibility with existing systems or infrastructure when selecting a pressure sensor. With the right pressure sensor, engineers can have confidence in their measurements and safely monitor the performance of their systems. At Automation Products Group, we have a wide selection of pressure sensors that can be tailored to any application. Contact us today to learn more about our products and find the right solution for your needs.

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