Digital Pressure Gauge Function: Min/Max


The PG7 digital pressure gauge, along with it's sibling gauges, is full of useful features. The Min/Max feature is used to display the highest and lowest pressure measurements since the last reset.

Video Transcript

Hi and welcome to APGTV, I’m Shaw Merrill and today we are going to show you how to access the max and min readings, as well as the reset function, in the PG7 digital pressure gauge.

To view your max and min readings on the PG7, simply press the select button. This will display the max reading.

When we press it again, we’ll see the min reading.

Press it a third time and we return to the units of measure.

To reset the max and min readings, press the On/Off button to enter the menu.

The Max/Min feature is the first option on the PG7 menu. Press the select button to enter the sub-menu.

Then we can press the zero button to scroll through the options. When we see Yes on the display, press the select button to reset the readings.

To exit the menu press the zero button until we see exit, then we press the select button.

Thanks for watching our quick PG7 menu demo. If you still have questions contact us at 888-525-7300 or send us an email at Until next time, I’m Shaw Merrill, APGTV.

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