Fine Tuning the PG7 Digital Pressure Gauge

The PG7 digital pressure gauge lets you adjust the full scale range as neededWhen the displayed full scale pressure reading on your gauge does not match exactly the actual full scale line pressure, you need a PG7 digital pressure gauge from APG. The variance can be detrimental to the any machinery or processes that use pressurized tanks and lines.

Instead of sending the gauge out for calibration (ugh!), PG7 digital pressure gauges have a function that allows the user to adjust the factory full scale pressure back to an accurate full scale reading.

This reading can be adjusted +/- 5%. So, if your full scale range is 1000 psi, you can adjust the reading up or down 50 psi. Once the PG7 can no longer stay within 5% of the true reading, then you'll need to send it back in for calibration. While this shouldn't replace your own best practices for sensor calibration, it buys some time when an older sensor is performing out of spec.

Before an adjustment can be made, make sure the line pressure is known (make sure you're using an accurate measurement) and equals the full scale range of the gauge.

The pressure reading must be within 5% of the full-scale value in order to make range adjustments. If the reading is not within 5% of full scale, NOAdJU (No Adjustment) will be displayed when trying to adjust the Range.

Follow these steps to adjust the PG7 digital gauge full scale setting.

First, you'll access the full setup menu. Once you've put the gauge in the proper mode, you'll be able to fine-tune the full scale setting.

Note: The buttons referenced in the following steps are Zero (Z) and Span (S).

Accessing the Full Setup Menu:

Step 1: Simultaneously press and hold the On/Off button and the (S) button for approximately 3 seconds. This will bring up the 3 digit mode number.

Step 2: Using the (Z) button to change the value of the flashing digit, and the (S) button to advance to the next digit, change the mode number to 000.

Step 3: Press On/Off to enter the setup menu, and press (Z) to scroll through menu choices.

Exiting the Main Setup Menu:

Step 1: While in the main setup menu, press (Z) until EXIT is displayed.

Step 2: Press (S) to access the Exit options.

Step 3: Press (Z) until YES is displayed.

Step 4: Press (S) to Exit the main setup menu and return to the standard operating mode.

With the PG7 digital pressure gauge in the proper mode, you are now ready to adjust the full scale range.

Adjusting the Full Scale Range

Step 1: Ensure the pressure reading is a known full scale and it is within 5% of what the digital pressure gauge thinks is full scale.

Step 2: Press the On/Off button to enter the main setup menu.

Step 3: Press (Z) to cycle through the menu options until AdVSET is displayed.

Step 4: Press (S) to enter the Advanced Settings menu.

Step 5: Press (Z) to cycle through the options until RANGE is displayed.

Step 6: Press (S) to enter the Range adjust mode.

Step 7: Press (Z) to increase the reading, or press (S) to decrease the reading.

Step 8: Press the On/Off button to accept the adjusted reading and return to the advanced setup menu.

Step 9: To exit the advanced setup menu, press (Z) until EXIT is displayed and press (S) to exit to the main setup menu. Repeat the “Exiting the Main Setup Menu” procedure detailed above.

By using the Range Adjust function, you will be able to make the needed minor adjustments to the full scale setting of the PG7 digital pressure gauge without the expense and lost time of sending the gauge out for recalibration. If you have questions about how to use this function, or when to send your digital pressure gauge in for recalibration, contact us.

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