Flexible Stem Magnetostrictive Float Level Transmitter



The MPI-F does everything you expect from an MPI, but with more flexibility. Its 316L SS flexible tubing with braided stem simplifies installation in tall tanks without compromising its Class I, Div 1 Intrinsically Safe rating.

Modbus Output
The RS-485 Modbus RTU output makes the MPI compatible with any Modbus controller or PLC. The MPI can also be paired with an MDI to create a self-contained, Intrinsically Safe level measurement system.

Tank Cloud Compatible
The MPI liquid level sensor is a Tank Cloud slave sensor, able to communicate via the Internet with the addition of an LOE Master sensor or an RST-5003 module.

The MPI-F is designed with ease of use in mind. The 316 SS flexible tubing stem coils for compact shipping, and with the stem weight attached, uncoils easily into your tank, so you no longer need an 40-foot crane to install a 20-foot probe in a 20-foot tank.

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