Flexible Stem Magnetostrictive Probe for Tall Tanks

MPX-F for tall tank applications

In some tall tank applications, the cost for a rigid stem magnetostrictive probe can be expensive when including the cost to ship probes longer than 25 ft. probe which require a crate. Often a crane is needed to help install such a tall sensor. In installations that have limited space above the tank, a rigid stem probe would not be a feasible choice. The options available for accurate tank level measurement can then diminish quickly.

APG provides a solution for accurate liquid measurement in tall tanks that won’t break the bank. It is the Magnetostrictive Probe with a flexible stem (MPX-F). The MPX-F can be built in lengths up to 32 ft.

With its 7/8” diameter 316SS flex tubing with braid, it can be installed in almost any type of tank. The MPX-F Flexible Stem Magnetostrictive Float Level Transmitter has the same features as the rugged stem MPX models including the following:

  1. Class 1 Division 1 hazardous location rating.
  2. Highly accurate and repeatable readings (+/-0.05% full scale).
  3. Single or dual level (interface) measurement.
  4. 4/20mA or RS485 (Modbus RTU) output.

When the MPX-F magnetostrictive probe needs to be removed from a tank, it loops together like a rope or lasso. Being flexible like this, the shipping costs for the MPX-F are less expensive.
The MPX-F probe is in its own right the best solution for liquid level measurement in tall tanks and in tanks where space and headroom are limited.

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