Automation in Whiskey Production with APG Sensors | Irons One Distillery Case Study

Irons One Distillery, a renowned producer of smooth and rich spirits, faced a critical challenge in their daily operations. The time-consuming manual refilling of their whiskey mash separator took 5 1/2 to 6 hours every day, impacting overall productivity. To find a solution, they partnered with APG sensors, a leading automation technology provider. Through close collaboration, APG sensors recommended a game-changing dual-float switch to automate the mash pump operation, optimizing efficiency and saving valuable time and labor costs.

With APG sensors' cutting-edge solution, the once time-consuming task was transformed into a fully automated process, significantly improving productivity. Beyond time savings, the automation process eliminated the risk of human error, ensuring consistent, high-quality whiskey production. This newfound efficiency allowed Irons One Distillery to concentrate on other vital aspects of their daily tasks, providing an exceptional customer experience.

The successful partnership between Irons One Distillery and APG sensors proved transformative for the distillery's operations. The implementation of the dual-float switch significantly reduced manual tasks and highlighted the power of automation in whiskey production. This case study stands as a testament to the potential of innovative sensor technology in enhancing craft distilling processes.

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