Float Switches in the Food & Beverage Industry

Float switches are used for point-level detection and are commonly used to control other devices such as alarms and pumps when a liquid level rises or falls to a specific point. APG’s Stainless Steel Float Switches are used in a variety of industries and applications including in food and beverage, water and wastewater, and chemical industries. APG’s Stainless Steel Float Switches feature NSF 169 approval, making them a great selection for food and beverage applications. Below are examples of food and beverage industry applications APG’s Float Switches are used in.

Float Switch Uses In Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Dishwasher

Stainless steel float switches are used in commercial dishwashers to keep the wash fluid at an ideal level that will protect the pump in the washer.

Deep Fat Fryers

Vertical float switches like the FS-400 are installed in deep fat fryers to protect the heating element while monitoring the amount of oil in the oil reservoir. The float switch prevents the fryer from heating oil when there is not enough oil in the reservoir. Once the oil level has reached a safe level, the float switch notifies the user that the heater can be turned on.

Proofing Ovens

Vertical Proofing ovens have a tray of water that is used to produce steam for the oven. Float switches are often used in the water tray to ensure there is enough water to produce an adequate amount of steam for proofing.

Commercial Coffee Brewers

Float switches are often used in the hot water boiling system of commercial coffee urns, notifying the individual making coffee when the urn is out of water.

Hot Dog Steamers

The water reservoir in a hot dog steamer is monitored by float switches. A float switch can be used to notify that the condensation pan is full and needs to be emptied. A vertical float switch can also be used to monitor the heating element in the hot dog steamer. The float switch shuts off the heating element when the water reservoir drops below a level that could burn up the heating element.

Float Switch Uses In Food and Beverage Processing

Beer & Wine Processing

Float switches are used throughout several processes in the beer and wine industry. One of the more prominent uses of float switches in this industry is monitoring the storage of hops waste in beer making. High-level alarms signaled by float switches play an important role while monitoring hops waste that can create hazardous spills if it overflows.

Flash Freezing

Float switches are commonly used to control the water feed during flash freezing.

Produce Washing

When washing produce collected in the field, float switches are used to monitor the water level.

Maple Syrup Collection

Float switches are used in maple syrup collection while tapping. An alarm is triggered when the syrup collection container is full.

Produce Misting System

Float switches are used in producing misting systems that create the rainstorms in grocery produce aisles. This system typically uses two float switches: one to monitor the filling of the system and the other to monitor emptying.

Slushy Machines

Slushy machines use float switches to notify the user when the machine is empty and needs to be refilled.

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