FS-410 Excels in Small Space Level Monitoring

Night lights at an oil refineryMany things in life come with trade-offs, often on a size-versus-functionality continuum. At one end, extreme size dictates reduced functionality; similarly, optimum functionality necessitates specific sizes. This works for vehicles—maximizing for speed or cargo requires size constraints—and it is often the case in level monitoring. However, level monitoring in tight spaces doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. The new Series FS-410 Miniature Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch is made to provide big performance in small spaces.

Excellence in a Small Package

The biggest feature of the FS-410 is its incredibly small size. At 1.80” from tip of stem to top of hex nut, the FS-410 can fit nearly anywhere you need it. And the float doesn’t take up much space either: it’s less than 1.2” in diameter. For comparison, grab the caps off five highlighter pens and hold them as a group. The installed size of the FS-410 is shorter than the caps, and about as big around as the group of them. That’s a pretty small package for dependable level monitoring.

Excellence At High Temperatures

APG's FS-410 Miniature Stainless Steel Vertical Float SwitchBut there’s more to difficult level monitoring than just size. Temperature can present a range of problems, too, literally. Some processes require large temperature changes, while others maintain constant, but extreme, temperatures. The FS-410 can play both ways. For processes with wide swings, the standard FS-410 can handle -40° to 383° F (-40° - 195° C). For situations requiring a higher temperature rating, the FS-410-HT works all the way up to 500° F (260° C). That’s one float that works from well below freezing to past the melting point of tin.

Excellence in Manufacturing

Why do we have so much confidence in this little piece of stainless steel? Precisely because it is A piece of stainless steel. Each stem is machined from a single piece of stainless steel, so there are no welds or threads to fail or leak. And you won’t find tape or a shrink tube inside that one-piece stem. Instead, you’ll find a high-performance reed switch, in peek plastic, held in place mechanically, and fully surrounded by potting. The high-performance peek maintains the position and spacing of the electronic components, proving a measurably precise actuation point that won’t be moved by vibration, and isn’t dependent on solder.

Excellence in the Smallest of Spaces

A simple design with highly reliable components, manufactured for long-lasting, dependable performance. The FS-410 Miniature Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch packs versatile performance into a smaller package, allowing you to buy just one line of float switch for all your different needs. Amazing dependability in an amazingly small package.

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