Hazardous Level Measurement Made Easy

Pipes, stairs, and tanks all cry out for easy-to-access level management, like the MDI from APGWhen the Eagles were telling everyone to “Take It Easy,” they had no idea the MDI would make level measurement in hazardous locations so easy. The MDI, APG’s new Intrinsically Safe Modbus Display and Controller, is the basis for a Self-Contained, Intrinsically Safe, Modbus Level Measurement System, and everything about it is easy. Easy to set up and use, easy to connect and install, and easy to match with a Modbus slave sensor.

Easy to Use: One-Step Setup, and Push Button Readings

APG's new MDI Intrinsically Safe Modbus Display features an external push button.Ease of use with the MDI begins with easy setup. Prior to installation, you can configure your MDI by connecting it to a PC running APG Modbus software. Not only can you set up the display, you can also program the timing and duration of automatic readings of your slave sensor. Just like that, one step and you are done. But the MDI’s ease of use goes beyond the easy set up: getting a measurement is as easy as pushing the red button. Simply walk up, push the button, and as soon as the MDI wakes up the sensor, you have a reading. No more climbing ladders, scaling tank trucks, or navigating labyrinths of walkways and scaffolding to get to your sensor. Push button, get measurement. It’s hard to find things easier than that, especially when it comes to hazardous location level measurement.

Easy To Install: No IS Barriers

But if there is something easier than the one-step setup of the MDI, it’s installing the MDI and your connected sensor in a hazardous location. The MDI is certified for installation in a Class I, Zone 1 area, but can control a sensor located in a Class I, Zone 0 area *without* IS barriers. That’s right, the MDI comes certified for Sensor-and-Display installation without the need for explosion-proof conduit (expensive!) or IS barriers (what a hassle!). No crazy hoops to jump through or esoteric conditions to meet. Just make the connection between sensor and display, and you are golden.

Easy to Pair with Modbus Sensors

The MDI’s ease of use doesn’t end with setup and installation (or, depending on how you look at things, it doesn’t begin there), because the MDI can be used with any Intrinsically Safe Modbus sensor. Want an ultrasonic sensor? Pair the MDI with APG’s MNU IS. Does a magnetostrictive level sensor make more sense for your application? Choose any of the MPI probes, and it will work with the MDI. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of Intrinsically Safe level measurement and control options! And if you don’t need hazardous location ratings, the MDI will work with any of APG’s Modbus sensors to create the same self-contained, Modbus level measurement and control system.

Easy, Easy, Easy

From beginning to end, the MDI Intrinsically Safe Modbus Display and Controller is easy, easy, easy. Easy to use, easy to install, easy to pair with Modbus sensors. Whether in a hazardous location with an IS sensor, or a non-hazardous area with regular Modbus sensor, using the MDI to create a Self-Contained, Intrinsically Safe, Modbus Level Measurement System makes it easy. Don’t let the sound of level measurement drive you crazy. Get the MDI, and take it easy.

Want to know more about the MDI and setting up your own Self-Contained, Intrinsically Safe, Modbus Level Measurement System? Get in touch with our Measurement Experts. Whether you call them, send an email, or jump in a live chat, they are ready to help you match the right level (or pressure!) measurement technology to your specific needs!

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