How Are You Gathering Key Remote Intelligence?


Governments and militaries have long since caught the vision of keeping boots off the ground. When they need to gather intelligence it’s more than an inconvenience, but could be a very unwelcome international trespass. That’s why they’ve found automated means of achieving this effort – prominently, satellites and UAVs (at least, that’s what they’d have you believe).

So it should be with gathering remote measurements. Before you invest in feet on the ground, consider keeping your measurement operatives at home. As recent Air Force ads have said, “it’s not science fiction” anymore.

Tank Cloud, from APG, gives puts your tanks in the cloud. Sensors communicate to Tank Cloud servers via the World Wide Web, connected by any kind of Internet connection (i.e. landline, wifi, cellular, satellite). Operators and managers can view remote data on any standard web browser anywhere with an Internet connection. All they need is a user name and password.

The actual online data portal shows a wealth of information, including past measurements, and handles push alarms via emails and text messages. Managers can also set up additional accounts for personnel, with varying permission levels.

Watch the video posted above for a brief overview (only 1:20 long) of the system, and reach out to us for more information.

Video Transcript

Narrator: Tank Cloud lets you keep track of remote measurements such as tank levels, pressures, temperatures, and more. Simply put, Tank Cloud connects your remote tanks to the cloud.

It all starts with our Tank Cloud sensors. We have two basic types. Our LOE server sensor connects directly to the Internet, and connects a network of our Modbus level sensors to the cloud for remote monitoring.

We also offer the RST-5000 series Internet modules that can connect our Modbus sensors, just like the LOE, or connect any single 4-20mA sensor. So you can monitor pressure, temperature, pH, and more.

Both the LOE and RST modules integrate with any type of Internet connection, be it landline, wifi, radio, cellular, or satellite. So you can check your measurements from the office or on the road by logging into our online data portal.

Here you can view current and past readings by location, program custom alarm triggers, manage multiple accounts, and configure your sensors.

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