How to Get Readings in Hazardous OEM Spaces

Pump skids are great OEM products for MPI-E Chemical level probesFor an OEM, level measurement in easy places is, well, easy. In fact, in some places, it’s so easy a float switch can do it (well, several hundred float switches). But we’re not here to talk about those places today. We’re going to look at continuous level measurement with harsh chemicals. And in explosive atmospheres. And the availability to meet OEM and system-integrator needs. That’s right, we looking at the Intrinsically Safe, Chemically Resistant MPI-E Chemical Float Level Transmitter.

OEM and System Integrator Safe

APG's new Intrinsically Safe, Chemically Resistant MPI-E Chemical Magnetostrictive Level ProbeOEMs and Systems Integrators need to be able to provide solutions to their customers quickly and at scale. Partnering with APG on the MPI-E Chemical probe will help you be ready for your customers’ current and future needs. Ask us how we can schedule our production of the MPI-E Chemical to help you meet your customers’ needs.

Chemically Safe

As an OEM, you get the most value when you can use key components in systems for multiple types of clients. The MPI-E Chemical’s PVDF (Kynar®) coating resists all but the most aggressive of chemicals. Acids? It’s good. Bases? Good there, too. Alcohols? Yup. Petroleum derivatives? No problem. And the hydrogen sulfide that comes with oil and gas exploration? Easy. How about a fun little dip in a salt brine or seawater mixture? Yes, it can handle that, too. You don’t need 20 different probes to handle 20 different chemicals for 20 different clients, you only need one. The MPI-E Chemical is safe to use where other level measurement tools don’t dare to tread.

Intrinsically Safe

Some chemicals are not only corrosively dangerous, they are explosively dangerous, too (like the alcohols and petroleum derivatives mentioned above). Lucky for you (and your customers who work with those baddies), the MPI-E Chemical carries Intrinsically Safe ratings from CSA, ATEX, and IECEx. Nearly everywhere in the world, the MPI-E Chemical is certified safe to use in Class I, Division 1 and Class I, Zone 0 hazardous locations. And when you combine an MPI-E Chemical probe with an MDI Intrinsically Safe Modbus Display, you have a complete, Intrinsically Safe, level measurement system, with no complex barriers required. That’s not only safe, that’s safety that is easy.

The Intrinsically Safe, Chemically Resistant MPI-E Chemical Float Level Transmitter brings safety and dependable level readings to dangerous and hazardous areas. With nearly world-wide haz-loc approvals, and a PVDF coating, the MPI-E Chemical can be used almost anywhere, to measure almost anything. No matter where your customers are, and no matter how many different chemicals they measure, you only need one answer for all of their diverse level measurement needs: You only need the MPI-E Chemical Float Level Transmitter.

Do you have questions about the MPI-E Chemical, or how any of APG’s other pressure and level sensors can work in your OEM systems? Send our Measurement Experts an email, give them a call, or even chat with them live, right here on our website. They would love to help you find the best level or pressure measurement and display solution for the unique needs you and your customers have.


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