How To Install a Stilling Well In 5 Steps


A stilling well is a handy mounting method for ultrasonic sensorsIt is sometimes necessary to use an alternate mounting method for ultrasonic sensors, especially when an unobstructed path to the target is not possible.

One of your choices is a stilling well. Installing a stilling well can be a relativity quick and easy process. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose a seamless PVC or steel pipe with the appropriate threaded NPT fitting to mount the ultrasonic sensor. Use a reducer if needed.
  2. Drill a 1/4” vent hole in the pipe within the blanking distance of the sensor. This allows the liquid to travel up the pipe.
  3. If the pipe needs to touch the bottom of the tank, drill several ¼” holes in the last few inches so the liquid can enter. You’ll typically need 4 to 6 holes.
  4. Place the pipe as vertical as possible. Make sure the transducer face is at least the minimum blanking distance away from the maximum height of the liquid.
  5. Mount the pipe using brackets, metal straps, or the best means possible for your application, to ensure the stilling well will stay in place and not move from the vertical position.

A stilling well in the appropriate application can access valuable level measurement data when it would otherwise be impossible.

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