How To Perform a Quick Gauge Calibration

Keeping your pressure gauge in calibration is a must for reliable pressure measurement. Fortunately, our gauges let you perform a quick calibration of the zero and span to keep things in check. Here’s how you do it:

Note: This example uses the PG7 Digital Pressure Gauge. The other gauges have slightly different buttons, but the process is similar. Let us know if you have questions.

Double Note: A known accurate zero pressure and full-scale pressure must be applied to the gauge in order to complete the quick calibration process.

First access the Full Setup Menu to set the PG7 in the “Full Access” mode.

Accessing the Full Setup Menu:

Step 1: Simultaneously press and hold the On/Off button and the (S) button for approximately 3 seconds.  This will bring up the 3 digit mode number.                             

Step 2: Using (Z) to change the value of the flashing digit, and (S) to advance to the next digit, change the mode number to 000.  

Step 3: Press On/Off to enter the setup menu, and press (Z) to scroll through menu choices.

Exiting the Main Setup Menu:

Step 1: While in the main setup menu, press (Z) until EXIT is displayed.

Step 2: Press (S) to access the Exit options.

Step 3: Press (Z) until YES is displayed.

Step 4: Press (S) to Exit the main setup menu and return to the standard operating mode.

With the PG7 in the proper in mode, you are now ready to set the Quick Calibration.

Step 1: Press the On/Off button to enter the main setup menu.             

Step 2: Press (Z) to cycle through the menu options until AdVSET is displayed.

Step 3: Press (S) to enter the Advanced Settings menu.

Step 4: Press (Z) to cycle through the options until CALIBR is displayed.

Step 5: Press (S) to access the CALIBR mode. The gauge will display the word ZERO, prompting the user to perform the zero pressure quick calibration.                                          

Step 6: Ensure no pressure is applied to the gauge. Press (Z) to zero the gauge. The gauge will then display the word SPAN, prompting the user to perform the full-scale pressure quick calibration.

Step 7: Apply full jack pressure to the gauge and press the (S) button to complete the quick calibration and return to advanced setup menu.

Step 9: To exit the advanced setup menu, press (Z) until EXIT is displayed and press (S) to exit to the main setup menu.

Again, this is how to do it with the PG7 digital gauge. Let us know if you have any questions. Hope this helps!

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