More Than You Want To Know About Wiring Float Switches

normally open/normally closed float switchAs simple as a float switch is, it still seems daunting to wire one. Visualization is key to making the right connections. If you can’t map out the schematic in your head, wiring without a little help can be challenging.

Luckily, it’s easier than you think. With a wire guide from the manufacturer and a few helpful visual aids from us, you’ll be all set to rock your next float switch installation – no matter where it’s going.

We’ll cover how to wire a basic on-off float switch, how to wire a few of them, and how to wire one switch with multiple switch points.

Along with instructions, we’ve provided a few handy wiring diagrams to help you visualize the connections. While many float switches are installed into larger panels or Motor Control Centers, understanding the basics of float switch wiring will help you get the job done right no matter where the application.

Learn how to wire float switches by accessing our guide, “Float Switch Installation Wiring And Control Diagrams.”


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