One Scary (But Necessary) Level Measurement APG Sensors

cow skullsThe slaughterhouse could be a legendary haunted house, or it could be a high-tech place where animals are turned into food. Either way, it can be a scary place – especially for a level sensor.

When one thinks about the liquids produced in a slaughterhouse, one is usually grossed out. For the sensor that has to live in the muck, it’s downright morbid. At a nearby slaughterhouse, 2,000 head of cattle are processed every day. Our sensors monitor the waste streams.

From the time of slaughter to the freezer, the processing of the cow and all its parts takes 27 minutes. The process involves draining the blood, removing and cleaning the intestines, and cutting the meat and other useful parts. Nothing is wasted other than the liquid byproduct of the cleaning process. All waste liquid from the cattle is directed to a main sump where it is held for processing.

To prevent the cocktail of water and bodily bovine fluid from overflowing, our RPM continuous level transmitter was installed to monitor the level and control the pump. The RPM would be overkill for most wastewater applications, except the very most demanding. This sump of unsettling contents fits the demanding category well.

It may be a scary level measurement, but it’s necessary to the sanitation of the plant, employees, and the final consumer.

Hopefully you’ll get your scare thrills from more entertaining, and less gross, sources. With that end, we wish you a Happy Halloween!


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top photo credit: Woody Hibbard via flickr cc

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