PG5 Tests Downstream Occlusion Alarm on Infusion Pumps


PG5 digital pressure gauge is used to test occlusion alarms on infusion pumps

At medical facilities worldwide, infusion pumps play an important role in the treatment of patients.

An infusion pump infuses medication, fluids, and other necessary nutrients, usually by an IV, into a patient’s circulatory system. Infusion pumps can dispense multiple fluids at different discharge rates simultaneously.

One of the many important features of an infusion pump is the “Downstream Occlusion Alarm”.

When an IV becomes obstructed, the pressure within the IV syringe and connected tubing will increase. When the pressure reaches its setting threshold, a downstream occlusion alarm will be activated.

To keep the settings of downstream occlusion alarms within required specifications, the APG PG5 Digital Pressure Gauge is used by medical personnel worldwide to verify and test the settings of downstream occlusion alarms.

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