Precise Weight Measurements on Aircraft

B-52 bombersWhen repairing or loading aircraft, weight distribution and balance are paramount. Measurements have to be taken from several points to make sure proper balance is maintained, and the aircraft can fly safely and efficiently.

The aircraft are raised on several individual jacks that both lift the plane and pull a weight measurement. Strategically placing these jacks ensures even distribution of loads and verifies that repairs do not change the delicate balance. A pressure gauge on the jack is used to display the weight.

Previously, our customer used analog pressure gauges to check measurements. Unfortunately, these gauges are less accurate and difficult to read – particularly underneath an aircraft where lighting is often poor. Additionally, different viewing angles and a lack of precision on the display contributed to sub-par measurements.

The customer now uses our digital pressure gauges, which are more accurate and easy to read. When dealing with aircraft, precision is of utmost importance. Analog gauges simply do not provide precision. With the right digital gauges from APG, our customer no longer guesses at the weight distribution of its aircraft.

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