Program Your Ultrasonic Sensor For Success

an ultrasonic level sensor in a hazardous locationMany of the cheaper ultrasonic sensors in the world have given the technology a bad name. That’s because they cannot be programmed to overcome the unique challenges of your application.

If you cannot program the sensor, then you’re stuck with whatever defaults it has. If it works, then you lucked out. If not, you need to buy another sensor. You could consider it a kind of ultrasonic roulette.

We don’t make that kind of ultrasonic sensor. Ours are fully programmable to fit your application like a glove. If your application is suitable for an ultrasonic sensor, ours will work for you.

In fact, we have 18 programmable settings in a standard ultrasonic sensor that control how the sensor performs and filters out erroneous readings. Learn to manipulate these, and your ultrasonic sensor will perform well for you in a wide variety of environments. Luckily, we’ve created a thorough guide to help you server the craft.

So, without further ado, here are the 18 programmable settings you need in an ultrasonic sensor…

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