Pump Control & Remote Tank Level Monitoring Collide


simple pump controllerSimple tank level controls are a popular addition to many of the tanks sold either directly from manufacturers or through value-added suppliers. They typically include pumps, alarms, valves, a level sensor, and a controller. Our DCR-1006A is one such controller, equipped with 4 relays (10A 110VAC), a 4-20mA output, and a variety of programmable control logic modes.

This kind of stand-alone tank level control is useful for avoiding the higher cost of integrating with a larger control system, or acts as a simplified replacement when one isn’t available. There are thousands of these tanks spread across the world, collecting and storing a variety of liquids – many of which are in remote locations and difficult to monitor actively.

The Problem

Recently, a customer of ours was interested in stand-alone pump control with our DCR-1006A controller on remote tanks. The controller does the job very well, but does nothing to provide remote access to the level data. Our customer wanted to know if we could add remote tank level monitoring to his simple control system.

The Solution

We, of course, said yes. The DCR-1006A has a 4-20mA output that it passes along from the sensor. All you have to do is monitor that signal and pass it to the web.

We do this with our RST-5000 series Tank Cloud control modules. The modules take the incoming signal and package it up for transmission over the Internet using Modbus TCP/IP.
In this case, our customer needed the RST-5001. All they needed to add was an Internet connection.

Keeping It Simple

The combination of the controller and Tank Cloud is a simple way to monitor a control system remotely. In this case, there was no need for redundancy, or a PLC, or any SCADA software. Innovation is often finding ways to do more with as little equipment and cost as possible.

Let us know if you have questions about remote tank level monitoring, or stand alone tank level control. We’ll help you start down the right path – keeping it as simple as possible.

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