Relay Lights on Your DCR Controller


DCR-1005 pump controller

If you use the DCR controller, such as the DCR-1006A, you may find yourself looking at blinking lights for relays that aren’t being used. It does NOT mean that something is wrong; it simply means that some default settings need to be changed to deactivate the unused relay.

Keep in mind that the controller is functioning properly, and will continue to do so even if unused relays are not deactivated.

However, deactivation is an important step. Those unfamiliar with which relays are actively used, and which are not, are bound to be a little confused when all indicator lights are firing. To avoid confusion, you can easily disable the unused relays.

Here’s How

Before we get into the step-by-step instructions, allow us to explain a few things about how it all works. Each relay has an associated mode, and the settings for the relay have an associated value:

Relays Control Modes

  • Relay 1: Mode 14
  • Relay 2: Mode 17
  • Relay 3: Mode 20
  • Relay 4: Mode 23

Deactivation for each Mode

  • Value 6 (for all relay modes)

Now that you have a little background information, it’s time to walk through the steps. We’ll pretend that we want to deactivate relay 4.

Step 1: Press the Mode Up (M-UP) or the Mode Down (M-DN) key until the number 23 is displayed. This is mode 23, which allows you to change the values for relay 4.

Hint: the mode and value keys are on the front of the DCR-1003/4, and under the cover of the DCR-1005/6.

Step 2: Press the Value Up (V-UP) or Value Down (V-DN) key until the number 6 is displayed. This is value 6, which is the deactivation code for all of the relays.

Step 3: Save the value by pressing either of the mode keys (M-UP or M-DN).

This will keep the indicator light for relay 4 from firing, and avoid any confusion about unused relays.

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