Remote Sensing with Submersible Pressure Sensors


Submersible pressure transducers are used increasingly in remote monitoring applicationsThe remote sensing landscape is evolving along a familiar path. Just as pressure sensors have long been used for level measurement throughout industry, they’re now an important part of the growth in remote sensing applications.

Pressure transmitters are a popular choice for tank level measurement. This is due to the media being measured. Pressure sensors are used for level sensing when the liquid:

  • Is giving off fumes or gasses
  • Has heavy surface foam
  • Is agitated

As remote level sensing applications increase, so will the need to use pressure transducers remotely. This trend has already manifested itself in the industry. We’re certainly getting more requests to use our PT-500 submersible pressure transducer in remote locations. We do this by connecting it to an RST-5003 controller, which transmits the 4-20mA signal over a Local Area Network (LAN) for direct access, or over the Internet for web-based remote sensing.

In fact, any 4-20mA signal can be transmitted with the RST-5003 module. The output from the sensor can then be converted to user-defined units such as Gallons, PSI, Temp, pH, and more on our remote sensing website.

Using pressure transducers in tank level applications is a very simple and effective method to measure levels where other methods are difficult or impossible to implement. This seems to be exaggerated in remote sensing applications as many fuels and chemicals are stored in remote tank farms.

Let us know if you have questions about remote level sensing or using submersible pressure sensors.

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