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Lots of gauges and dials, but no visible readoutsSo, you’re looking for a digital panel meter. Preferably a panel meter with a large display. APG’s Series DDL Large Digital Display Panel Meter has a name that certainly fits the bill. But the DDL is more than just another panel meter with a large display: It’s THE panel meter with a large display, and it will help you save time, save money, and give you peace of mind. Want to see how?

Long Distance Readability

The entire point of having a large display is being able to read it from a good distance away. The DDL delivers high visibility, being readable at up to 100 feet away. Two lines of 1.8”-high LED characters provide a large readout of the monitored signal. The superluminous Sunlight Readable Bright LEDs provide visual clarity, even in direct sun. With eight user-selectable display intensity levels, the DDL is a panel meter that you don’t have to get close to to read.

Precision Readout

APG's DDL Large Digital Display Panel MeterHaving a display that’s readable from long distances can be very helpful, but only if that display is precise. It doesn’t matter how accurate your sensor is if your display can’t match the sensor’s precision. Once again, the DDL is more than worth the space it takes up. With an accuracy of ± 0.03% of calibrated span*, the DDL has a higher degree of precision than some sensors. With the DDL, you can be sure that the transmitted signal from the sensor is what you are reading on the display.

VDC Power Supplies

Not only does the DDL make precise measurements easier to read, it makes obtaining those measurements easier by providing power for the measuring sensor. Instead of running power and signal cables to the sensor from your control system, you can power the sensor directly from the DDL. The 85-265 VAC DDL can provide up to 200 mA for the sensor, while the 12-24 VDC DDL can supply up to 100 mA. And DDLs that don’t use the 4-20 mA output signal can supply a separate 24 VDC at up to 40 mA. The DDL is nearly a remote DC power supply with a large digital display attached!

Readings you can see and trust, that don’t require a lot of trouble to install. It’s hard to argue against benefits the DDL brings to the table. When you can see your readings from up to 100 feet away, and you know that the displayed reading is a precise rendering of the input signal, you don’t have to get right up to your panel meter, or worry about accuracy problems. Peace of mind and time and money saved, courtesy of the Series DDL Large Digital Display Panel Meter.

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