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APG's DCR controller and DST ultrasonic level sensor

Poly tanks are used throughout the world for bulk liquid storage and processing. They are durable, lightweight, and compatible with many chemicals. Naturally, not all of these tanks will be installed where a control system is present. When level control is needed in these circumstances, a stand-alone solution is the only option.

These systems range in expense and capability. This depends entirely upon what the system needs to do and to what regulations it must comply.

A major poly tank manufacturer, Snyder Industries, was looking for simple, inexpensive level control that could work independently of a factory control system. Their customers were asking for a simple sensor and controller to handle a pump, valve, or an alarm.

Not only did Snyder need to respond to customers, they needed to find a sensor and controller that was easy to install and set-up. They wanted to give their customers a level control system that would work out of the box. That meant their employees would have to install the sensor, scale it, and take it back off for packaging. Snyder wanted quality without sacrificing an efficient workflow.

They found the answer they were looking for at Our DST ultrasonic sensors and DCR controllers work together to provide stand-alone level control for applications needing pump control, valve control, or alarms.

APG's DCR Pump Controller

A blue and orange DCR contoller is shown connected to a wire.

Darrell Oltman, Director of Engineering at Snyder, said of our sensor/controller system, “We chose the DST/DCR level control system from APG because it is accurate, dependable, and very easy to install. We needed quality that was easy to use, to give our customers the best, and to make it easier on our techs to scale the sensor before shipment. We are very happy with the sensors and the service we get from APG.”

The DST series of ultrasonic sensors vary in range and performance, as do the DCR controllers. However, each can be mixed and matched to meet whatever application requirements the end user may have. The models used by Snyder feature a sensing range of 20 ft, a NEMA 4x enclosure rating on the controller, and four independent contacts (10 amps each) with seven configuration modes.

This level control system is popular for many of our customers who need a stand-alone solution, such as in remote locations, or for back up pump control. It is an inexpensive solution for basic control functionality when advanced control is not needed or not practical.

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