The Basics of Pressure Transducers

APG's PT-L1 Industrial Pressure TransducerWhat is a pressure transducer? A pressure transducer is a sensor used to measure pressure. Depending on where you put it and how you connect it, a pressure transducer can tell you the pressure in a pipe or tank, the weight of an object, or even the depth of fluid above it. Most industrial pressure transducers are made of two technical parts, a transducer and a transmitter, inside a third, equally important part, the housing.

Why A (Digital) Absolute Pressure Gauge Is Best For Pump Monitoring

How To Increase Your Pump's Reliability With Pressure Gauges

Proper pump monitoring starts with the right pressure gaugesThe only way to reliably monitor a pump is to install two digital pressure gauges – one on the suction nozzle, and the other on the discharge nozzle. Together with your pump performance curve, the gauges will tell you how well your pump is performing, and offer clues as to how you can improve its performance. A pump running at its Best Efficiency Point (BEP) will run with very little maintenance for decades.

Pressure gauge selection is an important step to making pump monitoring easy for your operators...