Three Ways the MDI Makes Hazardous Level Measurement Easy

Pipes, stairs, and tanks all cry out for easy-to-access level management, like the MDI from APGWhen the Eagles were telling everyone to “Take It Easy,” they had no idea the MDI would make level measurement in hazardous locations so easy. The MDI, APG’s new Intrinsically Safe Modbus Display and Controller, is the basis for a Self-Contained, Intrinsically Safe, Modbus Level Measurement System, and everything about it is easy. Easy to set up and use, easy to connect and install, and easy to match with a Modbus slave sensor.

APG Introduces Intrinsically Safe Modbus Display and Level Probes

LOGAN, UT – Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG) introduces a new self-contained measurement and control solution featuring the new Series MDI Intrinsically Safe Modbus Display and new Series MPI Intrinsically Safe Magnetostrictive Level Probes.

Developed in tandem with each other, the MDI display and the MPI probe are designed to work together, creating a stand-alone, self-contained measurement and control solution for Class I hazardous locations.

The Net Advantage To You: Comparing The RST-5003 And The LOE Web Enabled Controllers

remote tank farmYou don’t ask for much.

You want to be able to control your Modbus sensor network, whether locally or remotely. Or both. You want automated, customizable alerts. You want data logging capabilities, and not just for reminiscing about the past; rather, you want enough data for both accurate forecasting and reliable trend identification.

Simple, right?

Right! It is simple! In fact, it’s so simple we’ve got two solutions for you: the RST-5003 and the LOE Web Enable Controllers. Both can control up to 10 Modbus sensors, have embedded webpages for local Ethernet setup and configuration, and connect directly to

So, which one makes more sense for you? Let’s take a look.

When Pump Control & Remote Tank Level Monitoring Collide

simple pump controllerSimple tank level controls are a popular addition to many of the tanks sold either directly from manufacturers or through value-added suppliers. They typically include pumps, alarms, valves, a level sensor, and a controller. Our DCR-1006A is one such controller, equipped with 4 relays (10A 110VAC), a 4-20mA output, and a variety of programmable control logic modes.

A Local Display For A Level Sensor (or 10)

Tethering your level or pressure display makes for more convenient readingWe prefer to keep our articles informative rather than promotional. We like to teach about level and pressure measurement principles and the surrounding issues that our customers often have to tackle. But today, we really want to show you something rather cool.

The tethered gauge display – for level or pressure sensors.

What do we mean by tethered? We mean there is simply a cable between the sensing element and the display. You can do it for pressure gauges to make reading them more convenient, and to isolate the electronics from vibration, shock, and heat.

You can also do it for level measurements – kind of like a digital level stick....

Local Display for a Remote Monitoring Tool – Tank Cloud’s MND

The MND may look unassuming, but is a flexible Modbus displayTo be honest, when I first saw the MND (Modbus Network Display) I didn’t know what to expect. It’s a small LCD display housed in a circular plastic mold – a bit unassuming. But I guess the old saying that good things come in small packages is still true today.

What our customers love about the MND is that it is easy to use and is very flexible. While the MND has many capabilities, in its simplest form it is a local display that can be wired into a local Tank Cloud network. Once wired in, it can display readings from any of the sensors in the network (up to ten).