DIY Guide To Calibrating Your Pressure Transducer

workbenchOld Reliable is reliable. And you trust your sensors to be reliable. Really, what’s the point of a sensor that’s not reliable? If you can’t trust the readings, what’s the point in having the readings? There isn’t one.

And yet, even precision Swiss watches need a tune up. So it’s safe to assume that your pressure sensor may eventually need to be recalibrated (we recommend about once a year). Can you do it? How do you it? Let’s take a look.

3 Factors That Kill Sensor Accuracy, and When You Need to Calibrate

missing the mark on the dart boardWe get asked all the time, “How often should I calibrate my level/pressure sensor?” When it comes to sensors, there is the simple answer, and the long answer that explains the nuts, bolts, washers, and threads of calibration (in other words, we can tell you more than you may want to know).

The simple answer is once per year. This may seem like overkill to some, but we believe in maintaining accuracy.

The long answer follows:

Keep Your Pressure Transducer In Spec With Zero And Span Adjustments

Adjusting the zero and span on your pressure transducer is easy, if you have the right oneSooner or later, no matter what the application or the brand of your instrumentation; your pressure transducer is going to need recalibration. Prolonged exposure in a harsh environment, age, and frequency of use contribute to the drift of your sensor, and results in it falling out of calibration.

Some models of pressure transducers have to be sent in to the factory for recalibration. The housing on these sensors needs to be opened to make the adjustments. However, several models come with...

How Magnetic Fields Work On A Liquid Level Switch

Magnetic liquid level switches rely on reed switches and magnetic fields to operateMany liquid level switches work with magnetic fields that are used to open and close switch points. It’s a clever, yet simple, type of sensor that has been a staple in level measurement for a long time now.

But how does it really work? How are magnetic fields harnessed as the working principle in many liquid level switches? We’ll explore how magnetic fields behave and how this behavior is controlled to operate a switch point....

How To Calculate the PSI to LBS Multiplier for an APG Gauge

The PG7 digital pressure gauge lets you use custom multipliers for a psi to lbs conversionOur digital pressure gauges can be set up using the "Custom Units of Measure" function to read in pounds. To do this, you need to figure out the multiplier for converting psi to pounds based on area where the force is applied. The manufacturer of the ram or the hydraulics sometimes provides this. When it doesn't, you'll need to do a few calculations to figure it out.

A few years ago, a motorcycle design and...