Choosing The Right Kari Float Switch

underwater view of new kari float switchKari float switches are the most innovative cable suspended float switches on the market, and they were invented back in 1965! And that’s more than just a sales pitch. The floats can contain up to four mechanical switches with over 20 different control and alarm configurations.

So with all these switch combinations and control configurations, the only hard part about buying one is the selection process. Hence, this helpful article all about choosing the right Kari to make all your wildest dreams come true – at least the float switch related ones.

How To Use a Float Switch for Back Up Pump Control

Back up pump control wiring diagram

Back up pump control is a critical part of any pump control application, ensuring that failure does not result in a potentially hazardous overflow or the unwanted emptying of a tank. Ideally, back up sensors work independently from the control system, so that failure of the primary controls will not disable them.

This means basic control features such as hysteresis...

Float Switches for Simplex Pump Control and How to Wire Them

Fill control wiring diagram for KA-2L float switch

Simplex pump control is a relatively simple task. A float switch with a bit of hysteresis will do just fine. There are, of course, continuous level sensors that may be advantageous under the right circumstances. However, for this article, we will focus on wiring a KA series cable suspended float switch for simplex pump control.

How To Stop Chatter with the IRU Ultrasonic Sensor

The IRU ultrasonic sensorLast week, we covered a few trip points (six, to be exact) programmed into the IRU ultrasonic sensor series. Using either of the two with hysteresis is a good way to combat chatter – a phenomenon that happens when a single switch point flutters between open and close.

Chatter is usually due to relatively slight turbulence in a tank, when the level sits just above or below the switch point. It wreaks havoc on pumps because it turns the pump on and off in rapid succession, adding extreme wear and tear.

6 Handy Trip Points on the IRU Ultrasonic Sensor

A black & white diagram of an IRU sensor shows the trip distance and window at the first and second trip points.In addition to the analog 4-20mA output, our IRU series ultrasonic sensors can be purchased with 2 NPN trip points. Fundamentally these are switches built into the level sensor that can be used to drive a relay or contractor. Through the programming software, these NPN trip points can be configured in a variety of ways that can be used to control things like pumps and alarms.

The following settings are used to control how the NPN trip points work.

Float Switches for Simplex Pump Control

Float switch diagram

Last week, we introduced lift stations, and the sensors that power them. You can check out the introduction here. This week, we will discuss a common lift station application: simplex pump control.

Controlling pump activity on a simplex lift station is fairly straight forward, but there are a variety of approaches - some of which have great benefits and are relatively unknown.

For those who are new to lift stations, simplex is a fancy name for a one-pump lift station. Using one pump makes it cheaper, but it doesn’t have the capacity or the redundancy of a duplex lift station, which we will discuss next week. Today we'll discuss 4 different ways to use float switches, and the 3 different float switches that can be used.