The MPXI-F is Built For Oil and Gas Exploration

A lease tank for oil waiting to be picked up by a truckThere are some places where level and pressure measurement is easier than others. A rainwater collection tank for a garden, for instance. Anything associated with oil and gas exploration? No, that's not easy. From detailed regulations to keep people and the environment safe, to the various hazardous, poisonous, or corrosive chemicals involved, to the remote places where most drilling occurs, oil and gas exploration is a tough industry for level and pressure sensors. APG's new MPXI-F explosion proof, flexible stem, magnetostrictive probe is made to excel in these specific harsh conditions.

APG Introduces the new MPX Series API 18.2 Custody Transfer Approved Magnetostrictive Level Probes

LOGAN, UT – Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG) introduces the new MPX Series API 18.2 Custody Transfer Approved Magnetostrictive Level Probes.

Designed to meet the exacting standards for crude oil storage and transfer from lease tanks, MPX Series API 18.2 probes are built on robust 1”-diameter stems...

This Simple Float Level Sensor Trick Helps Ship Building Company

level probe sensor diagramOne of our customers builds ships, many of which service the oil and gas industry and offshore drilling rigs. One of their main jobs is to deliver drilling mud to the rigs.

Just like any other valuable chemical, drilling mud inventory must be tracked to keep operations running smoothly. They do this with level sensors to keep tabs on the ship’s liquid mud storage tanks during filling, emptying, and transport.

After trying a variety of other technologies, our customer approached us for some help. Measuring mud levels can be a challenge, especially on ocean vessels. Ultrasonic and radar sensors required too much programming and continuous maintenance in order to achieve reliable readings...