18 Programmable Settings You Need In An Ultrasonic Sensor

ultrasonic level sensor programmingLike anything else, there are both cheap and good quality ultrasonic sensors out there. Besides good manufacturing, one of the major differences between a good sensor and everything else is programmability. While non-configurable sensors might seem like a bargain, the advantages of programmable sensors add up to dependable readings and better control of your operation.

Since we can’t speak for all ultrasonic sensors on the market, let’s explore some of the benefits offered through our sensor’s programmable settings. Here are the 18 settings you can adjust in an APG ultrasonic sensor for optimal performance:

How To Stop Chatter with the IRU Ultrasonic Sensor

The IRU ultrasonic sensorLast week, we covered a few trip points (six, to be exact) programmed into the IRU ultrasonic sensor series. Using either of the two with hysteresis is a good way to combat chatter – a phenomenon that happens when a single switch point flutters between open and close.

Chatter is usually due to relatively slight turbulence in a tank, when the level sits just above or below the switch point. It wreaks havoc on pumps because it turns the pump on and off in rapid succession, adding extreme wear and tear.