The Basics of Float Switches

A float switch is a type of contact liquid level sensor that uses a float to operate a switch. Float switches are commonly used to control other devices such as alarms and pumps when a liquid level rises or falls to a specific point. While there are some mechanical float switches (similar to the float in a toilet tank that turns off the incoming water when the tank is “full”), this article will focus on electrical float switches, floats that are used to open and close (i.e., turn off and on) electrical circuits.

5 Factors to Consider Before Deciding Between Cable vs. Stem

Cable Suspended Float Switches vs Stem Float SwitchesLevel switches can be classified in two basic types: stem and cable suspended. Depending on your application, one type may be preferable to use over the other.

Tank Dimensions

The first thing you must consider is the size of the tank. Cable suspended float switches require tanks that are large enough to accommodate the arc of their incline. For example, the smallest tank height our KA float switch can work for is about a foot. This is because the minimum difference between the highest and...