Water/Wastewater Case Study: APG's Sensors at Logan City Utilities

Two APG PG10 digital pressure gauges mounted on the door of a deep well control cabinet with remote heads on associated pipingAs technical writer, most of my time is spent at a computer, whether I'm writing blog posts or editing datasheets and manuals. And while I do write quite a bit about how APG's sensors can be used and which sensors are the most advantageous in various settings, my experience is almost all theoretical. Until Kurtis Williams with Logan City Water and Waste Water agreed to show me where and how they use APG's sensors.

Water and Wastewater in Industrial Settings

Capturing rainwater in a collection tankWater and wastewater are often used as shorthand for culinary water delivery and sewage transportation and treatment systems, which works well from a utilities and residential/commercial stand point. But industrial water users have a much broader concept of both (clean) water and wastewater. Rather than just potable water, "clean water" can be any water that has not yet been used, no matter what the intended purpose. "Wastewater," then, is any post-use water, not just raw sewage.

PT-500 Prevents Storm Flooding

PT-500 Submersible Pressure Transducer manages flood water in Minami tunnels

When the city of Miami Florida opened a ¾ mile tunnel roadway 127 ft. under the bay they knew they would need to have a plan in place to prevent flooding in case of a storm or hurricane. The tunnel is four lanes wide and extends from the mainland to the cruise line ports....

Ultrasonic Level Sensor Used with Stilling Well in Water Level Sensing

MNU Ultrasonic Sensor mounted under a manhole cover in a sewer applicationIn some water level sensing applications whether they are tank level, river and lake height or similar, it is sometimes necessary to use an alternate mounting method especially when an unobstructed path to the target is not feasible or there is a lot of foam or turbulence which can disrupt water level readings. This is necessary, especially with ultrasonic technology.

One such choice of alternate mounting is the use of a stilling well, as seen above with an MNU Ultrasonic Level Sensor, mounted under a manhole cover in a sewer application.

Pressure Transmitter Reduces Flow Rate of City Water Supply

Pressure transmitter monitor city water flow rateUnder the city streets, lie Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) used to reduce the flow rate or velocity of the city's water supply as it comes off the mountain or from local rivers.

APG's PT-L1 Pressure Transmitter measures the inlet and outlet water pressures of the PRV. The PT-L1’s 4/20mA output signal is sent to a control system whereby city personnel can monitor the water pressures with a Smartphone, thus, helping prevent any possible water mishaps that could come from over pressured waterlines.

3 Reasons the Series PRL True Echo™ Pulse Radar Level Transmitter For Liquids Excels in Water and Wastewater Measurement

Waste Water Pond

The Water and Wastewater industry provides many opportunities for liquid level measurement. (It helps that there is so much water to keep track of.) Opportunities can turn into challenges, though, if the measurement technology chosen can’t meet the demands of the job. No matter what the demands may be, APG’s new Series PRL True Echo™ Pulse Radar Level Transmitter For Liquids is up to the challenge.

5 Tips On Using An Ultrasonic Level Sensor In A Lift Station

gated wastewater lift stationLift stations are an essential component to municipal water and wastewater systems. Without them, many urban centers throughout the world would simply not exist. So keeping them in operation and performing properly is absolutely vital.

Lift stations that aren’t performing properly could spell disaster, especially if an overflow occurs. In addition to the unsanitary conditions and property damage an overflow creates, there is a hefty fine imposed by the EPA (think tens of thousands of dollars per day). Therefore, monitoring the water level in the station is critical. Level sensors can be used to trip alarms or turn on/off pumps automatically if an alarm condition exists.

There are a variety of instruments available to use for lift station level monitoring...

How To Mount An Ultrasonic Sensor Above Open Water

a boom for mounting an ultrasonic sensor above a river

Field Survival Guide

The Field Survival Guide is a series of articles that show you how to overcome common problems you run into out in the wild. It’s what MacGyver would do if he were in your shoes.

Ever wondered how to mount an ultrasonic in the open air, above a body of liquid in a stream or pond?

The truth is you can mount an ultrasonic sensor above open water however you want – as long as it follows the basic rules of ultrasonic mounting. Here are the rules again...

The Best Water Level Sensor for Deep Wells

Water level sensors in deep wells need a long cableMany water wells range in depth from 10 to 60 feet. However, other wells are drilled hundreds of feet deep! So when a customer needs a water level sensor in these deep wells, we recommend our submersible pressure transducer, the PT-500.

According to a market report published by *MarketsandMarkets.com, submersible pressure transducers are the favorite among water level sensors in the water and wastewater industry - and there's a reason. These water level sensors are...