The Best Level Sensor For Deep Water Wells

submersible pressure transducer iconDrought conditions in the western U.S. are making water well monitoring a priority. It is now more important than ever to track this precious resource.

Monitoring water well levels can be challenging. Wells are often in remote areas where power is not available. Furthermore, while some wells are only 10 to 60 feet, there are many that are hundreds of feet deep. This eliminates many sensor choices.

But not all.

For water well level monitoring, and especially for the deep wells, we recommend our PT-500 submersible pressure transducers. These sensors work great for deep wells for a variety of reasons. They are simple and reliable, easy to install, and don’t require much power.

The Best Water Level Sensor for Deep Wells

Water level sensors in deep wells need a long cableMany water wells range in depth from 10 to 60 feet. However, other wells are drilled hundreds of feet deep! So when a customer needs a water level sensor in these deep wells, we recommend our submersible pressure transducer, the PT-500.

According to a market report published by *, submersible pressure transducers are the favorite among water level sensors in the water and wastewater industry - and there's a reason. These water level sensors are...